Siggraph Partio4Maya Release 8/8/12

I’ll be releasing a new Beta 0.95b version of the Partio4Maya toolkit for siggraph very soon!
I’ve updated the website

And will be adding even more info and videos  describing how to use  partio4Maya effectively.

Hope to see some folks at siggraph and chat more about what else you’d like to see in partio4Maya in the future, I’ve got some exciting new ideas in the works as well.


PARTIO redpawfx fork

I just submitted a pull request for  disney’s  partIO  library with the following:

Went diving into all the other forks  to find as many formats as I could, and  hand merged them all together. Fixed them up and updated them to work with the latest  version  from WDAS.
Now Partio Supports     (Read/Write)
BGEO                                       R/W
GEO                                          R/W
BIN (realflow)                        R/W
MC (maya nCache)            Read only
PDA                                           R/W
PDB                                           R/W
PDC                                           R/W
PRT  (krakatoa)                      R/W
PTC                                           R/W
RIB                                       Write only
PTS ( Lidar format )          Read only
PTX ( Lidar format )          Read only

Additionally I continued  updating  and adding to  partview GLUT controls and features  adding to what crydalch  added  to also include  the following features:

-MUCH faster point interaction with milions of points
-better color support  (also toggle color on off with  C/c)
-multi-frame viewer support with keyboard controls  (left right arrow keys)
-point size control  via keyboard controls  (+/-  keys)
-Maya like  tumble controls  with  alt-key including mouse wheel support
-FOV control  via  Z/z  keys
-Overlays to display  point count , frame number  and  FOV

also started to investigate how to  implement a  loading feedback mechanism  that eventually we’ll be able to re-implement in whatever package  partio is being used in.
Right now this can be seen only in the  PTS loader.

Happy Holidays!

maya outliner and hypergraph icons

With all these new plugins  being bandied about  I figured I’d  rehash this info for myself and anybody else.

I was getting really tired of  having all the “N” stuff not have any usefull icons…  so I’m going to make my own.

stay tuned and  I’ll   post em here and on my github account.

To make Outliner Icons:

20 x 20 pixels
8-bit, transparent background
and it hast to be called out_<nodeName>.xpm

To Make HyperGraph Icons.

the icon for the hypergraph hast to be an .fti file which can be generated by the ftiExporter included in the maya bonustools.

that is all..

Demo reel, an old one.

I just started a vimeo channel for myself. I figure there will be plenty I can upload and share.. Most work is done in Maya and rendered with a combination of Renderman renderers and Mental ray. (all images and movies are copyright of their respective studios. Use here is for self promotion only.

mumbles repo

At the request of a friend,  I have  put up a  slightly modified (for redhat/centos)  version of  dot_j’s  awesome  python  message popup program  called Mumbles.

Its  a super usefull bit of code  that  hooks into the  DBUS  messaging system in linux  and  also now it looks like libnotify  as welll.  Themed popup  notifications from  everything from  AIM messages, to  firefox downloads  to  growl  network support. My reasoning  for  forking an already great project is just to  keep it working on  redhat flavor  linux  as  I believe that  dot_j  only  really supports  debian / ubuntu  so  there are a few library and  python GUI calls that have to be changed .



Open source baby!  Yah!

I love git,  at work we use  mercurial,  its not bad,  but  I still like git better. So  I set up a github account.  I will soon be pouring over my  old mel scripts, extracting  and genericising  some of my favorite  stuff and sharing.  I’m also  getting fairly good at  hacking on maya and houdini  plugins and python scripting.  I need some advice at  compiling  in windows, but I generally do my dev on linux right now.  I’m trying to get all my  directories set up and  organized in a way that I like.  but  soon  there will be  some sweet  coding action  going on. stay tuned.  Oh and   if you want a nice,  simple  makeFile and buildConfig  for linux  plugins  thats what I have for you.