FumeFX for Maya and “Oz The Great and Powerful”

While at Luma Pictures I’ve had  a chance to contribute  major portions of code and ideas  to the FumeFX for Maya  project by  Sitni Sati.

We successfully used it  for  all the  big tornado shots at the beginning of  Disney’s  “Oz the great and powerful”


On top of  porting the main simulation plugin  from Max to Maya,  I also helped  to get  FumeFX rendering in  Arnold, and even  built a  plugin  to  deform  Fume Grids using standard maya deformers  which we  supplied to Sitni Sati for them to reference  in adding that feature to the  official  release version of the plugin.

Fume FX for Maya is due to drop by the end of April according to Sitni Sati,  and  I’m very excited to have played such a pivotal role in bringing this technology to  the Maya Community