Open source baby!  Yah!

I love git,  at work we use  mercurial,  its not bad,  but  I still like git better. So  I set up a github account.  I will soon be pouring over my  old mel scripts, extracting  and genericising  some of my favorite  stuff and sharing.  I’m also  getting fairly good at  hacking on maya and houdini  plugins and python scripting.  I need some advice at  compiling  in windows, but I generally do my dev on linux right now.  I’m trying to get all my  directories set up and  organized in a way that I like.  but  soon  there will be  some sweet  coding action  going on. stay tuned.  Oh and   if you want a nice,  simple  makeFile and buildConfig  for linux  plugins  thats what I have for you.


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