PARTIO redpawfx fork

I just submitted a pull request for  disney’s  partIO  library with the following:

Went diving into all the other forks  to find as many formats as I could, and  hand merged them all together. Fixed them up and updated them to work with the latest  version  from WDAS.
Now Partio Supports     (Read/Write)
BGEO                                       R/W
GEO                                          R/W
BIN (realflow)                        R/W
MC (maya nCache)            Read only
PDA                                           R/W
PDB                                           R/W
PDC                                           R/W
PRT  (krakatoa)                      R/W
PTC                                           R/W
RIB                                       Write only
PTS ( Lidar format )          Read only
PTX ( Lidar format )          Read only

Additionally I continued  updating  and adding to  partview GLUT controls and features  adding to what crydalch  added  to also include  the following features:

-MUCH faster point interaction with milions of points
-better color support  (also toggle color on off with  C/c)
-multi-frame viewer support with keyboard controls  (left right arrow keys)
-point size control  via keyboard controls  (+/-  keys)
-Maya like  tumble controls  with  alt-key including mouse wheel support
-FOV control  via  Z/z  keys
-Overlays to display  point count , frame number  and  FOV

also started to investigate how to  implement a  loading feedback mechanism  that eventually we’ll be able to re-implement in whatever package  partio is being used in.
Right now this can be seen only in the  PTS loader.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. notanymike says:

    Will there also be python support for Maya and Windows x64?

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