Demo reel, an old one.

I just started a vimeo channel for myself. I figure there will be plenty I can upload and share.. Most work is done in Maya and rendered with a combination of Renderman renderers and Mental ray. (all images and movies are copyright of their respective studios. Use here is for self promotion only.

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So it came in today. And I’m mistyping this blog entry on it as we speak. Mine’s the 3G model, I figured just in case I wanted to travel with it, it could come in handy. Especially if they continue to offer the service on a monthly basis with no contract, a genius move on apples part in my opinion. Anyway this is not too shabby I must say, word press app and all make mobile blogging pretty damn easy. We’ll see how this goes. Now I’m off to write some code before my eyes burn out for the night.


mumbles repo

At the request of a friend,  I have  put up a  slightly modified (for redhat/centos)  version of  dot_j’s  awesome  python  message popup program  called Mumbles.

Its  a super usefull bit of code  that  hooks into the  DBUS  messaging system in linux  and  also now it looks like libnotify  as welll.  Themed popup  notifications from  everything from  AIM messages, to  firefox downloads  to  growl  network support. My reasoning  for  forking an already great project is just to  keep it working on  redhat flavor  linux  as  I believe that  dot_j  only  really supports  debian / ubuntu  so  there are a few library and  python GUI calls that have to be changed .



Open source baby!  Yah!

I love git,  at work we use  mercurial,  its not bad,  but  I still like git better. So  I set up a github account.  I will soon be pouring over my  old mel scripts, extracting  and genericising  some of my favorite  stuff and sharing.  I’m also  getting fairly good at  hacking on maya and houdini  plugins and python scripting.  I need some advice at  compiling  in windows, but I generally do my dev on linux right now.  I’m trying to get all my  directories set up and  organized in a way that I like.  but  soon  there will be  some sweet  coding action  going on. stay tuned.  Oh and   if you want a nice,  simple  makeFile and buildConfig  for linux  plugins  thats what I have for you.


blog v3.0

Well Here we are again,  blogging,  I don’t know why this comes in spurts and fits for me,  I guess its  finally getting settled after moving  after a year and a half and having time to  actually  make an online presence for myself again.

Thus…  here we are     The art of faking it, is not a blog about  how to fake your way thru the  VFX  biz, its about how pretty much everything we do  is  a hack,  sometimes elegant, sometimes not so   🙂   This is for  the hardcore TD and  VFX  explorer.  We’ll  talk here about  topics on the fringe of becoming reality for VFX.  I constantly  search for  new technology and  often wish I  had a place to  discuss it  and  gather  same minded folks  around these ideas to further our  collective   business brain.     There will be news,  videos  links,  open source code,  hacks galore and  maybe even a few hidden gems along the way.   Hope you enjoy